Securing Fair Compensation Since 1999

Are You Fighting Your Insurance Company Alone?

Your insurance company denied your no-fault insurance claim. Now what? If you haven’t faced this situation before, your next steps may seem unclear. However, I am attorney Paul Becker, and I am here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Since 1999, I have helped clients in Buffalo and throughout Western New York fight no-fault insurance denials. As the solo practitioner of Becker Law, I am able to fully dedicate my time to representing my clients while giving them the attention and respect their cases deserve. In matters involving insurers, it is essential to work with an attorney who understands how to navigate and work with insurers to get you what you need.

I Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

If you were injured, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay your medical bills. You should be able to focus entirely on your recovery. When you work with me, I will aggressively fight for your right to compensation.

Your no-fault insurance claim is designed to cover various expenses, including:

  • Medical bills: I will fight for compensation for you and others injured in the accident.
  • Loss of income: Bills don’t stop just because you’re out of work.
  • Funeral expenses: In the worst-case scenario, no-fault insurance will cover the sudden expense of a funeral.

If the attorney you were working with hasn’t fought the denial, you have the right to switch attorneys at no cost. My no-fault denial recovery services will help you hold your insurance provider to their agreement.

A Denial Isn’t The End Of The Road

If your no-fault claim was denied, don’t wait to contact an experienced lawyer. You deserve compensation to help you get back on your feet.

Start the no-fault denial recovery process today by calling 716-608-3479 or filling out my online contact form to schedule your free consultation.